week 23 training

I think I only ran 5 days this week..yes, I think.  I cannot remember one day, but it was kindergarten graduation, so there was plenty going on for me NOT to run.

Sunday: 5mi easy, no watch
Monday: off?  I don’t even know…
Tuesday: 4.25 @8:30 pace, chill
Wednesday: OFF – squats & core
Thursday: Run w/J 5.15mi @7:35 pace, felt good- cooler weather!
Friday: Track 200s, and one 400, workout HERE – surprisingly good!
Saturday: run w/C 6.25mi @8:30pace

TOTAL: 27.5 mi…I think?


10x200m- and almost 24wks

Today M & I headed to the track for some 200m repeats.  We had 200m recovery.  I was hoping to hit 45s, which is 6min pace..so not very quick.  How I have been feeling lately, I would have been happy with this.  It was windy at the track, but the 2nd 200m seemed better than the first 1/2, so we started there (running to the finish vs. starting at the start).

I hit 38,39,39,39,39,42,40,38,39, 39 – The only ones over 40 were when my husband let our puppy go (6mo old wheatable) and he chased us down…so I was laughing and yelling at him.  M was about a 36 for the first ones and then about 38 for the rest.

We ended with a 400m, I hit 84, it was really windy!  Every year around my birthday I do a 400m hurdle and have to break my age+1minutes…but when I’m fairly pregnant (often it seems) my husband won’t let me hurdle, so it’s just a flat 4.

Pretty pleased with this. Good job baby – thank you for cooperating!

week 22 training

This week I raced a 5k locally, however, it did not go so well.  I know I can do better and I tossed and turned all night about how bad I ran.  Stupid, I know.  On the other hand, I had two quality runs earlier in the week and despite the heat, still got in 30mi for the week.

Sunday:7 miles averaging 8min pace.  Started out slowly but the 2nd half was at about 7:30 pace.

Monday: 6.2 on path with C, averaging about 8:02/mile

Tuesday: 2.5mi at lunch, super hot, feeling awful

Wednesday: local 5k (7:22 pace) It was very hot and we missed the start, so I didn’t have time to let my legs “depressurize” felt so awful it was only a 4.5 mi day

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 2x1mi at tempo with 4min jog recovery in between.  2 goals, keep them under 7min and have #2 be faster. 1st mile at 6:49, 2nd at 6:36.  5+mi day

Saturday: easy, hilly 4.5 mi run around the neighborhood

TOTAL: 30mi, thinking the PICS has something to do with the heat, because the earlier I run the less hot it is and the less pressure I get.

This is about how things are looking these days:Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.10.09 AM

week 21 training

Sunday:  Traveling home from in-laws, pouring rain

Monday: 6 miles @7:50 pace with some striders

Tuesday: 6.82 miles @7:47 pace w/husband

Wednesday: 4.15 supposed to be a really easy run, was feeling awful in the heat but then this women’s baby jogger rolled into the canal and I was the first person there, yes baby on board! so it was a weird run. I’d fire that nanny!  everyone was okay though!

Thursday: 5 miles @8:02 pace, super hot running at lunch, had to stop for PICS and pee breaks

Friday: Workout – was supposed to be 300m repeats but the heat at the track midday was too much.  we bailed and went to a shady part of the xc course. longer than 400m..took 1:45
3x300m(hitting 64s) w/400j .75mi run to xc course
then 3xXC(.3mi) with full recovery. then cooled down for a 7mi day.

Saturday: OFF – husband away recruiting and it was hot again.

TOTAL: 29 miles in 5 days, not great but not too bad.


Week 20 training & The dreaded PICS

week 20  So this was the week that my Pregnancy Induced Compartment Syndrome (pics) started. I’m not sure if this is a real thing, my obgyns just tell me it’s totally okay for me to walk instead of run (duh).  These are the days I wish I was a pro so that someone ACTUALLY cared that this is hindering me.  If you are not familiar with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome, you can read about it here.  Basically, for me, the pressure builds in the first 10min or so of running to the point I have to walk.  My feet become heavy, sometimes numb and my mobility for ankle & feet is reduced. My soleus (lower calf) and shin become as hard as wood and it hurts like a bitch.  So I’ve made up a term for this, PICS for short.  If you run with me you can see & feel the tightness.  It’s happened with my 2nd & 3rd pregnancies too, so I’m not surprised.  Strangely it didn’t happen with my 1st, though I ran much slower and was more careful about EVERYTHING then.  I’m always wondering though – do other pregnant runners get this?  I can’t find examples anywhere…

Sunday: 4 miles easy, with walk breaks for pics
Monday:4 miles (2 walk breaks, ran faster 2nd half)
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles (pics stop) @7:52 pace
Thursday: Tempo w/J&C , well not really “with” but behind. I averaged 6:39 pace for 3miles.  Was happy to keep it under 7min pace – and no stops! 7+mile day
Friday: 5miles @8:01 pace
Saturday: 4 miles on hilly trails, no watch, pouring rain
TOTAL: 33 miles

Also – this week was the Level II ultrasound.  All looks good! we don’t find out the gender, bc we are fun.  There’s a healthy little “gollum” in there though! here it is snuggling with it’s little self.Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.53.35 AM


week 19 training

week 19

Sunday: 5 fun miles on trails w/dog at park (mother’s day! i get what i want!)
Monday: 3.5mi no watch, felt horrid, had to run after work
Tuesday: 4.5mi @8:11 pace, still not feeling great (ankle & hamstring)
Wednesday: Workout Wed recap is here, but happy with this:
8x300m w/400j recovery w/c
this actually went well! didn’t think i could hit 62s bc my hamstring (way high) has been hurting the last few days..baby related?
but hit 62,63,61,60,60,60,60,60
Thursday: 6 miles @7:50 pace
Friday: 4miles easy, no watch
Saturday: OFF – had a work thing
TOTAL:  30.25 miles


Workout Wed (almost20wks!)

On Wednesday I headed to the track with very, very low expectations.  I had a pretty off week last week and didn’t know what I could expect from the body.  My friend and I decided to do 300s with 400jog recovery.  Much like we did a few weeks ago but this time, we only set out to do 8.
The past two days, I had been having a sharp pain so high up on my hamstring/inner thigh that it is practically my crotch..How does one explain this while sounding lady-like?  C suggested it is probably something with the baby and the pelvic floor muscles.  I will ask my doctor about this at the next visit.  I felt sure it wasn’t anything serious, though on Tuesday, I couldn’t even bring myself to do more than one strider it hurt so bad!

But things got better!
I set out to hit 62s, which was an adjustment from the 60-59s I had hit before.  I hit 62,63,61,60,60,60,60,60.  And felt great! I definitely think we could have done 2 more to make it back to 10.  However, we’d made a new running buddy now, who was waiting for our PT recommendations and we’d already told him we’d be done after 8.  Either way, I was happy to end on a high note and feeling like I had more in the tank was probably better for the bump than feeling spent.

Happy running!