30wks training

So the recap for last week is it was hot and muggy and miserable for anyone, but especially for anyone carrying an extra 15-20lbs of human.

Sunday: too hot to run, 32min pool run
Monday: 4miles at 6am on trail @8:37 pace
Tuesday: 53min pool (swim & aqua) and 32min on elliptical at lunch
Wednesday: track workout at 6:15am, 7x200m w/200m jog (43-45sec) then one 400m, just for kicks in 94. total mileage 4.  At lunch, was able to get in the outdoor pool for another 32 min aqua jog.
Thursday: 60min in the pool (30min swim, 30min aqua, both with intervals)
Friday: 6am run, felt awful. no watch. 3mi
Saturday: 6miles at 8:57, felt better, but still so muggy!

Total: 17miles of running and 3.5hrs off-land/other

At 33 weeks I am participating in an alumni event where I will have to cover about 15miles, it’s broken up into 4 different runs, but I’m still getting nervous.


Here’s a baby BORN at 30weeks, so you get the picture who my parasite is:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.08.35 PM


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