29 wks training

There is a heat wave, and it is just awful.  Week 29 was somewhat successful because I was able to log 20mi of actual running, and 2 mini-workouts, but whoa, it’s hot here.

Sunday: 4.7mi @9:13 pace, it was 88+ outside and this was a MORNING run!
Monday: 5.25mi @8:13, this was a 6am run, what a difference the temps make.
Tuesday: 50min in the pool at 6am, then lunch time mini workout w/J.  She did 8x400m, I did 6x200m, keeping them all under 45, then hurdle walkovers.  It was windy, but somehow I didn’t mind it because it cooled us down a little!
Wednesday: 60min in the pool at 6am
Thursday: 4.5 mi @8:48pace
Friday: Mini workout at 6am, 2x1mi at tempo with 800m jog in between hit 7:10 and 7:09.  then did 3x1min hard on the way back to my car.
Saturday: I think it was 95 by 8am so I only aqua jogged 30min in the evening.

TOTAL: 23.5mi running and 2hr 20min in the pool.


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