28wks training

Not a great week of training, it’s been ridiculously hot, and I’ve never been this pregnant during this time of year!  took 2 days off because of a head cold that I am still trying to shake.

Sunday: mini workout, 4x400m (on the roads) hitting 91,89,88,89 w/400j in between.  total of about 5.25mi
Monday: 4.7mi at 6am at 8:25pace
Tuesday: 55min in the pool in the am, 37min on trails with husband
Wednesday: off- feeling sick
Thursday: 55min aqua jog in the am, and mini track workout at lunch (3x400m at about 91) w/J (she did 3x800m) super hot day & feeling lousy. pool stretches in evening w/kiddos
Friday: stayed home sick! awful head cold
Saturday: super hot day near 100, just did 2.6mi run and stretched
TOTAL: about 20miles, and 2 hrs in the pool


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