27 weeks

Wow, my mileage has gone down.  I blame the heat mostly, but probably my size too.  Baby should weigh about 2lbs now, and I think I’m measuring at least a week ahead of my due date.  As is the norm with my children, it never stops moving!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.21.18 AM

Sunday: 6.2mi at 8:30 pace
Monday: OFF, I was a complete waste of space this day.  Exhausted from a long party weekend.
Tuesday: 55min in the pool at 6am, 2mi run after work on the xc course & core.  This was the hottest day yet!
Wednesday: 3.3mi run at 8:50 pace at 6am, was planning to run a 5k in the evening with the family, but it was just brutally hot.
Thursday: 60min in the pool at 6am and lunch time workout w/J.  I did 6x1min on xc course While J did 6x2min.  I felt good, but it was super hot & muggy again.
Friday: 45min easy in the pool at 6am
Saturday: 5k with alums/friends.  I ran with my 6yo, who ran about 10min pace!  I did not want the kids to run because while yeah, I want them to be runners some day..they’re still so little & a 5k is a lot for those little legs!  They finished 1st & 2nd for under 13.

Total:  19miles running & 2hr40min off land


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