26wks training

This week was more pool than running maybe.  The 4th of July holidays is sort our thing.  We got engaged on the 5th, were married on the 3rd, and our 2nd son was born on the 4th.  So we always have a shindig or two.  This year was no exception with a camping themed birthday party complete with people camping in tents and even a camper in our yard.  I took advantage of the lunch hour to get shopping etc done and dodged running in the heat.

Sunday: 6miles (no walking!) at about 8:50 pace, easy with my friend. considering i didn’t think i’d get a run in at all, i was very happy with this!
Monday: Pool 60min in am & 4.1mi at lunch, no watch, so hot & miserable
Tuesday: Pool 60min in am  & 6x200m at 40, while my friend did 400s, 4mi for the day. also very hot & humid
Wednesday: Pool only (60min)
Thursday: Pool 60min in am & 5mi w/hubby at 8:24 pace at lunch time, hot!
Friday: Pool only (60min)
Saturday: 5mi in the morning at 8:15 pace, so much cooler!

Total: 5hrs in the pool (off land running & swimming) and 24miles (in 5 days).
*And now we are into the 3rd trimester!*

There’s a 5k I want to do this coming Saturday, which would be only my 2nd time “racing” in the 3rd trimester, but my husband’s trying to talk me out of running hard.


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