25 weeks training

Since the pool is now open 5 mornings a week, I’ve tried to take advantage and get off land more (I weigh 1/10th of my actual weight or something!)  So my mileage was low, but hopefully I am not losing too much fitness.

Sunday: 4 miles easy, no watch
Monday: 3.5 miles easy, no watch.  Just a beautiful day! lots planned with kids, so took it easy in the heat
Tuesday: 6am run, 6x1min at about 5:40pace on path.  total 5miles
Wednesday: Off land, 30min swim & 30min aquajog
Thursday: 5.25mi including striders at about 8min pace
Friday: Off land, 30min swim & 30 min aquajog
Saturday: 7mile run, started off okay, but after about 35/40 min I had such a bad side stitch I had to stop every 20 seconds or so.  I stopped timing the run at this point.  After stopping for a bit, I was able to finish it up under 8min pace the last mile or so.

Total: 2 hours off land and 25miles (on land)for the week.


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