10x200m- and almost 24wks

Today M & I headed to the track for some 200m repeats.  We had 200m recovery.  I was hoping to hit 45s, which is 6min pace..so not very quick.  How I have been feeling lately, I would have been happy with this.  It was windy at the track, but the 2nd 200m seemed better than the first 1/2, so we started there (running to the finish vs. starting at the start).

I hit 38,39,39,39,39,42,40,38,39, 39 – The only ones over 40 were when my husband let our puppy go (6mo old wheatable) and he chased us down…so I was laughing and yelling at him.  M was about a 36 for the first ones and then about 38 for the rest.

We ended with a 400m, I hit 84, it was really windy!  Every year around my birthday I do a 400m hurdle and have to break my age+1minutes…but when I’m fairly pregnant (often it seems) my husband won’t let me hurdle, so it’s just a flat 4.

Pretty pleased with this. Good job baby – thank you for cooperating!


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