week 21 training

Sunday:  Traveling home from in-laws, pouring rain

Monday: 6 miles @7:50 pace with some striders

Tuesday: 6.82 miles @7:47 pace w/husband

Wednesday: 4.15 supposed to be a really easy run, was feeling awful in the heat but then this women’s baby jogger rolled into the canal and I was the first person there, yes baby on board! so it was a weird run. I’d fire that nanny!  everyone was okay though!

Thursday: 5 miles @8:02 pace, super hot running at lunch, had to stop for PICS and pee breaks

Friday: Workout – was supposed to be 300m repeats but the heat at the track midday was too much.  we bailed and went to a shady part of the xc course. longer than 400m..took 1:45
3x300m(hitting 64s) w/400j .75mi run to xc course
then 3xXC(.3mi) with full recovery. then cooled down for a 7mi day.

Saturday: OFF – husband away recruiting and it was hot again.

TOTAL: 29 miles in 5 days, not great but not too bad.



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