25 weeks training

Since the pool is now open 5 mornings a week, I’ve tried to take advantage and get off land more (I weigh 1/10th of my actual weight or something!)  So my mileage was low, but hopefully I am not losing too much fitness.

Sunday: 4 miles easy, no watch
Monday: 3.5 miles easy, no watch.  Just a beautiful day! lots planned with kids, so took it easy in the heat
Tuesday: 6am run, 6x1min at about 5:40pace on path.  total 5miles
Wednesday: Off land, 30min swim & 30min aquajog
Thursday: 5.25mi including striders at about 8min pace
Friday: Off land, 30min swim & 30 min aquajog
Saturday: 7mile run, started off okay, but after about 35/40 min I had such a bad side stitch I had to stop every 20 seconds or so.  I stopped timing the run at this point.  After stopping for a bit, I was able to finish it up under 8min pace the last mile or so.

Total: 2 hours off land and 25miles (on land)for the week.


24 weeks, an off week

This was not a good week for running pregnant.  It was hot and work was really busy.  We also bought a car over the weekend, so we spent 6+hrs round trip to get it, plus all the time GETTING it.. so no run.

Sunday: 3miles @8:10 pace
Monday: 5miles @8:10 pace
Tuesday: 4.3miles on the xc course w/B
Wednesday: OFF- work + wicked charlie horse last night, could still feel it.
Thursday: 5.5miles
Friday: 50min offland at 6am (swim & aquajog) and 4miles at 7:50 pace at lunch
Saturday: Off, buying car

*Was disappointed that I didn’t get an actual workout in, but happy the pool finally opened for morning laps so I can supplement with some off land work

week 23 training

I think I only ran 5 days this week..yes, I think.  I cannot remember one day, but it was kindergarten graduation, so there was plenty going on for me NOT to run.

Sunday: 5mi easy, no watch
Monday: off?  I don’t even know…
Tuesday: 4.25 @8:30 pace, chill
Wednesday: OFF – squats & core
Thursday: Run w/J 5.15mi @7:35 pace, felt good- cooler weather!
Friday: Track 200s, and one 400, workout HERE – surprisingly good!
Saturday: run w/C 6.25mi @8:30pace

TOTAL: 27.5 mi…I think?

10x200m- and almost 24wks

Today M & I headed to the track for some 200m repeats.  We had 200m recovery.  I was hoping to hit 45s, which is 6min pace..so not very quick.  How I have been feeling lately, I would have been happy with this.  It was windy at the track, but the 2nd 200m seemed better than the first 1/2, so we started there (running to the finish vs. starting at the start).

I hit 38,39,39,39,39,42,40,38,39, 39 – The only ones over 40 were when my husband let our puppy go (6mo old wheatable) and he chased us down…so I was laughing and yelling at him.  M was about a 36 for the first ones and then about 38 for the rest.

We ended with a 400m, I hit 84, it was really windy!  Every year around my birthday I do a 400m hurdle and have to break my age+1minutes…but when I’m fairly pregnant (often it seems) my husband won’t let me hurdle, so it’s just a flat 4.

Pretty pleased with this. Good job baby – thank you for cooperating!

week 22 training

This week I raced a 5k locally, however, it did not go so well.  I know I can do better and I tossed and turned all night about how bad I ran.  Stupid, I know.  On the other hand, I had two quality runs earlier in the week and despite the heat, still got in 30mi for the week.

Sunday:7 miles averaging 8min pace.  Started out slowly but the 2nd half was at about 7:30 pace.

Monday: 6.2 on path with C, averaging about 8:02/mile

Tuesday: 2.5mi at lunch, super hot, feeling awful

Wednesday: local 5k (7:22 pace) It was very hot and we missed the start, so I didn’t have time to let my legs “depressurize” felt so awful it was only a 4.5 mi day

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 2x1mi at tempo with 4min jog recovery in between.  2 goals, keep them under 7min and have #2 be faster. 1st mile at 6:49, 2nd at 6:36.  5+mi day

Saturday: easy, hilly 4.5 mi run around the neighborhood

TOTAL: 30mi, thinking the PICS has something to do with the heat, because the earlier I run the less hot it is and the less pressure I get.

This is about how things are looking these days:Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.10.09 AM

week 21 training

Sunday:  Traveling home from in-laws, pouring rain

Monday: 6 miles @7:50 pace with some striders

Tuesday: 6.82 miles @7:47 pace w/husband

Wednesday: 4.15 supposed to be a really easy run, was feeling awful in the heat but then this women’s baby jogger rolled into the canal and I was the first person there, yes baby on board! so it was a weird run. I’d fire that nanny!  everyone was okay though!

Thursday: 5 miles @8:02 pace, super hot running at lunch, had to stop for PICS and pee breaks

Friday: Workout – was supposed to be 300m repeats but the heat at the track midday was too much.  we bailed and went to a shady part of the xc course. longer than 400m..took 1:45
3x300m(hitting 64s) w/400j .75mi run to xc course
then 3xXC(.3mi) with full recovery. then cooled down for a 7mi day.

Saturday: OFF – husband away recruiting and it was hot again.

TOTAL: 29 miles in 5 days, not great but not too bad.