Workout Wed (almost20wks!)

On Wednesday I headed to the track with very, very low expectations.  I had a pretty off week last week and didn’t know what I could expect from the body.  My friend and I decided to do 300s with 400jog recovery.  Much like we did a few weeks ago but this time, we only set out to do 8.
The past two days, I had been having a sharp pain so high up on my hamstring/inner thigh that it is practically my crotch..How does one explain this while sounding lady-like?  C suggested it is probably something with the baby and the pelvic floor muscles.  I will ask my doctor about this at the next visit.  I felt sure it wasn’t anything serious, though on Tuesday, I couldn’t even bring myself to do more than one strider it hurt so bad!

But things got better!
I set out to hit 62s, which was an adjustment from the 60-59s I had hit before.  I hit 62,63,61,60,60,60,60,60.  And felt great! I definitely think we could have done 2 more to make it back to 10.  However, we’d made a new running buddy now, who was waiting for our PT recommendations and we’d already told him we’d be done after 8.  Either way, I was happy to end on a high note and feeling like I had more in the tank was probably better for the bump than feeling spent.

Happy running!


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