Week 18 training

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.59.49 AMThis was an off week. I had a lot of round ligament pain, which main running, literally a pain.

Sunday:  OFF – it was cold, and wet and I felt exhausted.  I also didn’t have a babysitter

Monday: 5.35 on the path, no watch.  Did some striders, but felt weird & crampy

Tuesday: 5 miles @7:50 pace with husband

Wednesday: 4 easy miles, squats and lunges, round ligament pain was too much for running. some core

Thursday:  Off land workout : 65 minutes in the pool (aquajog)
did 10×1 (3min rest) to mix it up – was pleasantly surprised how tired my legs were after this.  I alternate my style of running between a high knee and a full cycle (more hamstrings)

Friday: Off – traveling to league champs, some core

Saturday: 4.6 mi negative split, happily came back at 7:27 pace.

TOTAL: about 19 on land, and another 8mi equivalent off land.

like I said, an off week.


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