Week 17 training

Surprisingly I got to 37+ miles for the week with a day off.  Had a nice workout on Wednesday, I’ve been feeling more stomach pain (which is not the uterus) so I’ve backed off on my core…any excuse- right?

Sunday: ran 8.25 while cheering some friends on at a race

Monday: easy 3.5miles, no watch, drs appt (strong hr at 150bpm!) and too much work.

Tuesday: 5 miles easy at 7:50 pace

Wednesday: 6x400m w/400j recovery
then 4x200m
(39,39,38,39)    Total miles: 9 for the day
I logged about this workout in more detail here.

Thursday: OFF day, ankle has begun to hurt again

Friday: 6 miles w/J at 7:22 pace

Saturday: Hilariously ran a leg on an alumni 4x400m relay.  I was the only “distance” runner and was happy to break 80.  Ran a 76, in trainers.  Believe it or not, we beat a local college team!  Ran around on grass after total 5.5mi for the day


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