WorkOutWednesday – 400s

Today my friend and I hit the track some R work.  We set out to do 6x400m w/400 recovery and maybe 8 depending on how we felt.  Instead we opted to do 4x200m at the end to work on turnover.  I was hoping to hit 82-84. I hit 83,82,83,83,83,83.  My PR 5k pace is about 83s, and it blows my mind that I once held this for a whole 5k!
My 200s were 39,39,38,39.

I found that much like my indoor workouts this winter (when I first started to think “something’s not right!”) the last 50-100m of the 400s were hard for me…I just felt lactic at that point…so the 200s were a nice little change.

My husband had said to me the day before “oh we did a fun workout 1000m @I pace…” and I shut him up there..because it seems that anything much longer than a minute of R or I pace, I start struggling.

It’s hard to see your workouts just getting slower, but I’m still having fun and keeping things in perspective.  I’m 17weeks after all…and I don’t think I was running this well with any of my other bumps.
Happy running!


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