week 16 training

This was a weird week, I felt so weird for one workout I called it quits probably at 2 miles for the day.  Also, just been busy at work, and some days were hot and I just feel like I’m carrying an extra 10lbs (almost!).  baby is the size of an avocado, head to rump.

Monday: HOT day, ran 6miles at 7:45, negative split, between checking Boston Marathon runner tracking.  (you all are crazy).

Tuesday: tried to do 12x2oom, got through 2 before I quit.  muscle spasms in my abdomen from coughing & baby (I guess).

Wednesday: super easy 4.5 miles on grass w/husband

Thursday: 20 min tempo, out 6:30 back 6:29.  Consistent at least! 7.5mi for the day

Friday: 5 mile run w/J (7:27pace) plus some striders.  5.25 for the day

Saturday:  Chill 5.3mi loop near my house, it’s hilly, no watch.

Sunday:  met my friend to cheer on another friend at a half marathon.  8miles, about 2 at her 1/2 pace (6:55ish?) fun! felt good.

Weekly mileage: 38.5


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