week 15 training

Monday: 300s on the track w/C.  We did 10x300m with 400j in between.  I was hoping to hit 62s but surprised myself and hit 59/60 for all but one.  There was some wind, so I was really happy with the results.  total miles 8.35

Tuesday: Easy 4miles, no watch, had very little time.

Wednesday: 6.2mi at 8:03 pace, feeling really tired.

Thursday: 5.25mi  5 easy miles at 7:58 and striders

Friday: Track workout, I’m not sure what I was thinking, just wanted to see which types of workouts I could still handle. It was super hot on the track, and I had to run at the end of the day, which is when I feel the worst.
1 mi at tempo: 6:35 (wanted 6:20)
400m recovery
3x400m (middle is over hurdles, with 1min rest in between) 91,90,88
600m jog (only so long bc I stopped to talk to husband/coach who showed up)
3x400m (same as above) 93, 88,87
Total miles: 7 miles

Saturday:  Easy 5 with my mom’s dog, HOT!

Sunday:  OFF, everyone is so sick and I was on 4 days of very little sleep, chose to nap w/2yo instead.

TOTAL: 36.1 in 6


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