week 14 training

Just now was the first time I looked at the total weekly mileage – I hit 43.5 miles!?  I think this is because Saturday was a planned OFF day, but I had so many work responsibilities on Sunday, that I flipped them.  So wow, considering I’ve been nursing an injury for almost a year..I’m pleasantly surprised I broke 40mpw!  Baby is the size of a lemon.

Sunday: 5.3 miles, no watch, really hilly windy run.

Monday: 6.15.  6 miles at 7:42 pace plus striders

Tuesday: 5mi easy with husband at 7:48 pace

Wednesday: the 5k Simulator workout -went well! (7.1 mi)

Thursday: 6 miles super easy at 7:52 pace

Friday: Tempo 2×1.5mi w/2min rest.  My friend’s baby was sick, so we cut the workout short so she could get to him.  Originally we were going to do some 800s or 400s after. But I think it was a good workout considering.

1.5mi (9:41 or 6:26 pace)
rest (2min)
1.5mi (9:17 or 6:11 pace)

Notice the substantial negative split? That’s the difference when you have the wind at your back! I swear it was the same effort! Also, J dropped me! she went 8:55 on the way back!

Saturday: 8 mi easy with the husband in some snow (8:07 pace)


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