Work Out Wednesday -5k Simulator

Usually, it’s tempo Tuesday, but this week my friend could meet me at the track on Wednesday.  She wanted to do the 5k simulator workout.  My husband/coach was nervous this would be too hard for me in my “condition” and that it’s too close to race effort, but working out on your lunch hour means quality not quantity – and this workout goes so so fast!
This is a great workout for predicting your 5k race time.  Not having any races lined up (obviously) I set out to run what she wanted to.  I use this Vdot calculator to find my paces.

The workout goes like this: 200s @ hard distance pace and 400s at 5k pace.  You start at the 5k mark on the track (200m line) and run a whole 5k, it works out to 8 400s and 9 200s.  There is no stopping.  I have done this workout really well…and I have done it really badly.  At first, the 200s feel like cake, but it’s important not to go too fast early, they get harder!

You start and end with a 200, but you are shifting paces for the 400s.  I think I read an article a while back about why this kind of workout is so good for you..but I couldn’t find it today.

We were shooting for 94s, and 55s.. we averaged 92s and 56s. So the whole 5k took 21:00, but indicates I would “race” at 19:15/19:20.  I think I could still break 19, without the wind. Yesterday was pretty windy (and cold!) so I was happy with the effort, I think without the wind we would have probably averaged closer to 90s.  I felt chill the whole time!


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