Making your Comeback

I don’t know if it is the pregnancy hormones, but I just read THIS about Stephanie (Rothstein)Bruce’s 10k at Stanford, and it brought tears to my eyes.  I’ve been following her career for a while, and like Kara Goucher and other mother runners, I’ve rooted for them quietly in my own corner BECAUSE they are mothers too.  Last spring, Steph Bruce ran about my pr on the track with a significant pregnant bump, and I thought “wow- this girl is amazing.”

I remember racing a 22min 5k when I was pregnant for the 2nd time and thinking I was so cool..but really just getting a lot of stares.  Sometimes when I would run visibly pregnant, these tourists in our town (foreign) point and jabber at me. I’m currently trying to relish the not-quite-so-noticeable bump running.

When I was “making my comeback” after my second child, I mentioned how well this local runner was running post-baby, and my sister-in-law said, but she’s like a professional, you can’t compare yourself to her.  And I wasn’t..not really, not the way she thought I was.  It was more about me not giving up the goals I had before I got pregnant.  I don’t want to have regrets about my children..and so I keep working at my goals.  Many of my friends that have had children, and stopped training, explaining their priorities have changed, and I get that..but I think my children seeing me set goals, work hard, and accomplish things is important.

The other day I got into it with this woman about whether your accomplishments post baby are as impressive as someone who hasn’t had children.  And sorry..but in a way, they kind of are.  I know what it was like for me to train before I had was easier in so many ways, and that’s not even considering the physical changes to my body.  Unless you have had kids, you really just don’t know.

So reading what other runners have done during their pregnancies has been a huge help for me.  Most recently it’s been Clara Peterson, Salty of Salty Running, Stephanie Bruce and Sarah (Bowman) Brown. I want so badly for Stephanie Bruce & Sarah Brown to make the Olympic team this year, in a way, selfishly.  It’s like, if they can accomplish their goals post-baby, why can’t I?

Happy running!


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