week 13 training

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.21.03 PM.png

this baby is the size of a pea pod!

Sunday: 8 miles with the husband at 7:48 pace

Monday: Forgot my tights/shorts! so had to go and aquajog 40+minutes

Tuesday: Tempo Tuesday, but super windy we went out 10 and turned, hitting about 6:23 pace, came back into the wind and ended averaging 6:29 for a little over a 5k.  I wanted to keep it under 6:30, so I was pleased.  Also had a dr visit..heard heart rate for the first time…nice and strong!

Wednesday: easy 6mi with C, avg 7:45

Thursday: Core in the morning and easy 4miles at 7:25

Friday: 5 miles w/J at 7:33 pace

Saturday: Workout, I wanted to do these loops by my house that are 0.85mi which I usually can keep under 5min (I don’t do mile repeats or anything at I or R pace for longer than 5 minutes, so “mile repeats” are either short or at tempo pace.  I thought I could hit 5:10, but it felt awful, it was windy, and it’s not flat.  I ended at 5:22, which is REALLY just tempo pace, so I switched it up and did 5xQuartermile with quarter in between.  (I was not at the track, so I just used my garmin, which I sort of hate) but hit between 77-81s, and felt fast. total of 6miles.

Week: 36.5miles in 6 days – which is pretty good for me!



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