WorkOutWednesday – 400s

Today my friend and I hit the track some R work.  We set out to do 6x400m w/400 recovery and maybe 8 depending on how we felt.  Instead we opted to do 4x200m at the end to work on turnover.  I was hoping to hit 82-84. I hit 83,82,83,83,83,83.  My PR 5k pace is about 83s, and it blows my mind that I once held this for a whole 5k!
My 200s were 39,39,38,39.

I found that much like my indoor workouts this winter (when I first started to think “something’s not right!”) the last 50-100m of the 400s were hard for me…I just felt lactic at that point…so the 200s were a nice little change.

My husband had said to me the day before “oh we did a fun workout 1000m @I pace…” and I shut him up there..because it seems that anything much longer than a minute of R or I pace, I start struggling.

It’s hard to see your workouts just getting slower, but I’m still having fun and keeping things in perspective.  I’m 17weeks after all…and I don’t think I was running this well with any of my other bumps.
Happy running!


week 16 training

This was a weird week, I felt so weird for one workout I called it quits probably at 2 miles for the day.  Also, just been busy at work, and some days were hot and I just feel like I’m carrying an extra 10lbs (almost!).  baby is the size of an avocado, head to rump.

Monday: HOT day, ran 6miles at 7:45, negative split, between checking Boston Marathon runner tracking.  (you all are crazy).

Tuesday: tried to do 12x2oom, got through 2 before I quit.  muscle spasms in my abdomen from coughing & baby (I guess).

Wednesday: super easy 4.5 miles on grass w/husband

Thursday: 20 min tempo, out 6:30 back 6:29.  Consistent at least! 7.5mi for the day

Friday: 5 mile run w/J (7:27pace) plus some striders.  5.25 for the day

Saturday:  Chill 5.3mi loop near my house, it’s hilly, no watch.

Sunday:  met my friend to cheer on another friend at a half marathon.  8miles, about 2 at her 1/2 pace (6:55ish?) fun! felt good.

Weekly mileage: 38.5

week 15 training

Monday: 300s on the track w/C.  We did 10x300m with 400j in between.  I was hoping to hit 62s but surprised myself and hit 59/60 for all but one.  There was some wind, so I was really happy with the results.  total miles 8.35

Tuesday: Easy 4miles, no watch, had very little time.

Wednesday: 6.2mi at 8:03 pace, feeling really tired.

Thursday: 5.25mi  5 easy miles at 7:58 and striders

Friday: Track workout, I’m not sure what I was thinking, just wanted to see which types of workouts I could still handle. It was super hot on the track, and I had to run at the end of the day, which is when I feel the worst.
1 mi at tempo: 6:35 (wanted 6:20)
400m recovery
3x400m (middle is over hurdles, with 1min rest in between) 91,90,88
600m jog (only so long bc I stopped to talk to husband/coach who showed up)
3x400m (same as above) 93, 88,87
Total miles: 7 miles

Saturday:  Easy 5 with my mom’s dog, HOT!

Sunday:  OFF, everyone is so sick and I was on 4 days of very little sleep, chose to nap w/2yo instead.

TOTAL: 36.1 in 6

week 14 training

Just now was the first time I looked at the total weekly mileage – I hit 43.5 miles!?  I think this is because Saturday was a planned OFF day, but I had so many work responsibilities on Sunday, that I flipped them.  So wow, considering I’ve been nursing an injury for almost a year..I’m pleasantly surprised I broke 40mpw!  Baby is the size of a lemon.

Sunday: 5.3 miles, no watch, really hilly windy run.

Monday: 6.15.  6 miles at 7:42 pace plus striders

Tuesday: 5mi easy with husband at 7:48 pace

Wednesday: the 5k Simulator workout -went well! (7.1 mi)

Thursday: 6 miles super easy at 7:52 pace

Friday: Tempo 2×1.5mi w/2min rest.  My friend’s baby was sick, so we cut the workout short so she could get to him.  Originally we were going to do some 800s or 400s after. But I think it was a good workout considering.

1.5mi (9:41 or 6:26 pace)
rest (2min)
1.5mi (9:17 or 6:11 pace)

Notice the substantial negative split? That’s the difference when you have the wind at your back! I swear it was the same effort! Also, J dropped me! she went 8:55 on the way back!

Saturday: 8 mi easy with the husband in some snow (8:07 pace)

Work Out Wednesday -5k Simulator

Usually, it’s tempo Tuesday, but this week my friend could meet me at the track on Wednesday.  She wanted to do the 5k simulator workout.  My husband/coach was nervous this would be too hard for me in my “condition” and that it’s too close to race effort, but working out on your lunch hour means quality not quantity – and this workout goes so so fast!
This is a great workout for predicting your 5k race time.  Not having any races lined up (obviously) I set out to run what she wanted to.  I use this Vdot calculator to find my paces.

The workout goes like this: 200s @ hard distance pace and 400s at 5k pace.  You start at the 5k mark on the track (200m line) and run a whole 5k, it works out to 8 400s and 9 200s.  There is no stopping.  I have done this workout really well…and I have done it really badly.  At first, the 200s feel like cake, but it’s important not to go too fast early, they get harder!

You start and end with a 200, but you are shifting paces for the 400s.  I think I read an article a while back about why this kind of workout is so good for you..but I couldn’t find it today.

We were shooting for 94s, and 55s.. we averaged 92s and 56s. So the whole 5k took 21:00, but indicates I would “race” at 19:15/19:20.  I think I could still break 19, without the wind. Yesterday was pretty windy (and cold!) so I was happy with the effort, I think without the wind we would have probably averaged closer to 90s.  I felt chill the whole time!

Making your Comeback

I don’t know if it is the pregnancy hormones, but I just read THIS about Stephanie (Rothstein)Bruce’s 10k at Stanford, and it brought tears to my eyes.  I’ve been following her career for a while, and like Kara Goucher and other mother runners, I’ve rooted for them quietly in my own corner BECAUSE they are mothers too.  Last spring, Steph Bruce ran about my pr on the track with a significant pregnant bump, and I thought “wow- this girl is amazing.”

I remember racing a 22min 5k when I was pregnant for the 2nd time and thinking I was so cool..but really just getting a lot of stares.  Sometimes when I would run visibly pregnant, these tourists in our town (foreign) point and jabber at me. I’m currently trying to relish the not-quite-so-noticeable bump running.

When I was “making my comeback” after my second child, I mentioned how well this local runner was running post-baby, and my sister-in-law said, but she’s like a professional, you can’t compare yourself to her.  And I wasn’t..not really, not the way she thought I was.  It was more about me not giving up the goals I had before I got pregnant.  I don’t want to have regrets about my children..and so I keep working at my goals.  Many of my friends that have had children, and stopped training, explaining their priorities have changed, and I get that..but I think my children seeing me set goals, work hard, and accomplish things is important.

The other day I got into it with this woman about whether your accomplishments post baby are as impressive as someone who hasn’t had children.  And sorry..but in a way, they kind of are.  I know what it was like for me to train before I had was easier in so many ways, and that’s not even considering the physical changes to my body.  Unless you have had kids, you really just don’t know.

So reading what other runners have done during their pregnancies has been a huge help for me.  Most recently it’s been Clara Peterson, Salty of Salty Running, Stephanie Bruce and Sarah (Bowman) Brown. I want so badly for Stephanie Bruce & Sarah Brown to make the Olympic team this year, in a way, selfishly.  It’s like, if they can accomplish their goals post-baby, why can’t I?

Happy running!

week 13 training

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.21.03 PM.png

this baby is the size of a pea pod!

Sunday: 8 miles with the husband at 7:48 pace

Monday: Forgot my tights/shorts! so had to go and aquajog 40+minutes

Tuesday: Tempo Tuesday, but super windy we went out 10 and turned, hitting about 6:23 pace, came back into the wind and ended averaging 6:29 for a little over a 5k.  I wanted to keep it under 6:30, so I was pleased.  Also had a dr visit..heard heart rate for the first time…nice and strong!

Wednesday: easy 6mi with C, avg 7:45

Thursday: Core in the morning and easy 4miles at 7:25

Friday: 5 miles w/J at 7:33 pace

Saturday: Workout, I wanted to do these loops by my house that are 0.85mi which I usually can keep under 5min (I don’t do mile repeats or anything at I or R pace for longer than 5 minutes, so “mile repeats” are either short or at tempo pace.  I thought I could hit 5:10, but it felt awful, it was windy, and it’s not flat.  I ended at 5:22, which is REALLY just tempo pace, so I switched it up and did 5xQuartermile with quarter in between.  (I was not at the track, so I just used my garmin, which I sort of hate) but hit between 77-81s, and felt fast. total of 6miles.

Week: 36.5miles in 6 days – which is pretty good for me!