Tempo Tuesday

On Monday, I was 12 weeks. Yesterday I met up with 2 of my much younger running buddies to do a 20 minute tempo.  These 2 don’t know about my “condition” yet, so I just told them the pace I planned to hit and let them know that if they wanted to go faster, not to wait.  I was also nervous because we were working out AFTER work, so the bump was popping.

We went out, and they had gapped me a bit within the first quarter mile.  I was a little panicky thinking “they’re going to wonder why you are so slow!” We went out 10minutes and turned, so obviously I turned first.  I was worried I wasn’t under 7, but for the quarters I would check I figured I was hitting about what I had planned, 6:35s.  Coming back, they caught me closer to the finish, there’s a slight down on the way back, and the wind was at our back, so I wasn’t surprised we negative split.  I’ve checked it a few times and I split 6:32 on the way out and 6:23 on the way back.  My friends split more like 6:15s, but I’m pretty happy with my workout, and as far as I know, they are none the wiser after it…


3 thoughts on “Tempo Tuesday

    1. Oh no- they dropped me! but it’s okay…they are 10+ yrs younger than me..right out of college & still in college…and good. But thank you! I think they’ll be surprised when I tell them 😉

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