week 11 training

This week my foot was still bothering me, so I did less miles than I would have liked.  I also had some restraints with, you know, regular life (working, 3kids, etc).  But for the most part I felt okay.  “Morning sickness” for me is in the evening, and the little bump pops right out, so keeping this secret still would be more difficult if people saw me after 5/6pm.

Sunday: 4 easy miles, trails

Monday: 5 easy miles, foot hurt. no watch

Tuesday: 6x400m w/400j in between: hit 83,83,82,82,80,81  – felt pretty good. averaged the same as last week

Wednesday: 6.5 miles with some running buddies at 7:35pace

Thursday: 4miles, after work, felt AWFUL, bump out!

Friday: Premeet, did about 3mi total 2.5 at about 7:30pace. plus some striders

Saturday:  5k race! I do this race every year, pregnant, postpartum, whatever.  This is where I set my road pr, and it’s a super competitive race.  As you can imagine, I was not super competitive this year, but placed 2nd in my age group! Ran 19:23.  Felt very controlled. passed a few women the last 1/2 mile.  I think I could have broken 19 if I’d pushed just a little harder earlier in the race- but really, I know, what’s the point!?






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