week 10 running log

Sunday: 2mi easy with the kids on their bikes, really an “off” day

Monday: 8mi at 7:36 pace…beautiful weather -finally!

Tuesday: 6x400m w/400j, already recapped this workout here.

Wednesday: w/u mile, mile over hurdles (7:15) 2mi run, 800m over hurdles (6:40pace) c/d 1.25mi * was feeling very tired, hurdling wasn’t as much fun as I remembered!

Thursday: 8 miles at 7:48pace, negative split, but felt tired again

Friday: 6mi tempo.  Plan was to hit 6:50 pace, but we did a negative split and averaged 6:55 for all six, splitting as low as 6:41 on the way back.  Total miles 9 for the day.

Saturday: OFF top of my foot is really hurting, maybe from my new shoes.

Weekly mileage: 36.75, was really hoping to break 40, but thought better safe than sorry!


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