week 12 training


TOTAL: about a 33mile week w/2 good workouts

Sunday: 8 miles at 7:49 pace

Monday: easy 4 miles, feeling tired

Tuesday: 20min tempo w/M&H, went out 6:30 came back in 6:23, w/u & c/d 7.1mi day

Wednesday: 6 miles at 7:45 pace

Thursday: OFF (husband traveling, no babysitter!)

Friday: Quarters, 6x400m w/400j in between.  Felt great, kids played on the infield and Me & M shot for 82s, I hit 82,82,82,82,81,80.

Saturday: Still no babysitter, did about 2miles w/u & c/d with hurdle drills & core at track

We have an appointment tomorrow and then planning a 20min tempo if all’s well.


Tempo Tuesday

On Monday, I was 12 weeks. Yesterday I met up with 2 of my much younger running buddies to do a 20 minute tempo.  These 2 don’t know about my “condition” yet, so I just told them the pace I planned to hit and let them know that if they wanted to go faster, not to wait.  I was also nervous because we were working out AFTER work, so the bump was popping.

We went out, and they had gapped me a bit within the first quarter mile.  I was a little panicky thinking “they’re going to wonder why you are so slow!” We went out 10minutes and turned, so obviously I turned first.  I was worried I wasn’t under 7, but for the quarters I would check I figured I was hitting about what I had planned, 6:35s.  Coming back, they caught me closer to the finish, there’s a slight down on the way back, and the wind was at our back, so I wasn’t surprised we negative split.  I’ve checked it a few times and I split 6:32 on the way out and 6:23 on the way back.  My friends split more like 6:15s, but I’m pretty happy with my workout, and as far as I know, they are none the wiser after it…

week 11 training

This week my foot was still bothering me, so I did less miles than I would have liked.  I also had some restraints with, you know, regular life (working, 3kids, etc).  But for the most part I felt okay.  “Morning sickness” for me is in the evening, and the little bump pops right out, so keeping this secret still would be more difficult if people saw me after 5/6pm.

Sunday: 4 easy miles, trails

Monday: 5 easy miles, foot hurt. no watch

Tuesday: 6x400m w/400j in between: hit 83,83,82,82,80,81  – felt pretty good. averaged the same as last week

Wednesday: 6.5 miles with some running buddies at 7:35pace

Thursday: 4miles, after work, felt AWFUL, bump out!

Friday: Premeet, did about 3mi total 2.5 at about 7:30pace. plus some striders

Saturday:  5k race! I do this race every year, pregnant, postpartum, whatever.  This is where I set my road pr, and it’s a super competitive race.  As you can imagine, I was not super competitive this year, but placed 2nd in my age group! Ran 19:23.  Felt very controlled. passed a few women the last 1/2 mile.  I think I could have broken 19 if I’d pushed just a little harder earlier in the race- but really, I know, what’s the point!?





week 10 running log

Sunday: 2mi easy with the kids on their bikes, really an “off” day

Monday: 8mi at 7:36 pace…beautiful weather -finally!

Tuesday: 6x400m w/400j, already recapped this workout here.

Wednesday: w/u mile, mile over hurdles (7:15) 2mi run, 800m over hurdles (6:40pace) c/d 1.25mi * was feeling very tired, hurdling wasn’t as much fun as I remembered!

Thursday: 8 miles at 7:48pace, negative split, but felt tired again

Friday: 6mi tempo.  Plan was to hit 6:50 pace, but we did a negative split and averaged 6:55 for all six, splitting as low as 6:41 on the way back.  Total miles 9 for the day.

Saturday: OFF top of my foot is really hurting, maybe from my new shoes.

Weekly mileage: 36.75, was really hoping to break 40, but thought better safe than sorry!

workout – 6x400m

yesterday I did 400s with a friend.  She had said she wanted to hit 90s, which I knew I could handle, but then we went through in 19, then 40, and I knew she was going to hit faster.

We gave ourselves a lap in between.  I hit 82, 83, 83, 82, 81, 79.  I felt good. A few weeks ago, when I first found out I was pregnant, I went to the track and did a mini-workout, not to push it.  I hit 87, 86,84,83…the funny part was that after the 87/86, I said to myself…come on the baby is the size of  a blueberry – nothing has really changed since last week… The 87/86 felt HARDER than the last two.  I think normally I would be trying to keep them all under 80, but I decided yesterday’s workout was going to be at my friend’s pace.  Overall I was pretty happy with it!


Running & Pregnancy

I am 10 wks today with baby#4, pregnancy #5.  here is a brief recap of the first go rounds:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.43.06 PM

Baby #1:  I had stopped training pretty hard because we were having a hard time getting pregnant.  In fact, it was 13months, so the doctor called to schedule me for fertility shots and I was happy to tell them I didn’t need them!  I ran for 32 weeks.  I gained about 30-35 lbs, though honestly, I stopped looking, because it is pretty hard at the end.  I was very careful in regards to my training (not my weight).  I kept dreaming of delivering a baby with eyes that rolled around in her like an old doll.  I didn’t.  I had a healthy baby boy.  I first ran 6weeks after the birth (2miles), and I was the sorest I had ever been in my whole life!

Baby #2: Surprise! I’m pregnant.  I had just started to break 20min in a 5k again, and then suddenly I couldn’t.  I thought I was not getting my period because of breastfeeding and “getting skinny” but that was not it.  Baby #2, the best surprise ever.  I was scared because my first son was a terror of a newborn but I knew I didn’t want an only child…so eventually I would have to deal with a newborn again, but surprise, my #2 was an angel, sweet and wonderful in all the ways you can imagine!  I was not careful about my running, I just read that I could keep doing what I was and maintained that.  I ran a 22min 5k at about 6 or 7 months.  I ran up until 10 days before he was born.  I was back in 3weeks. racing low 19min in the 5k by the time my son was 3 or 4months.

Pregnancy #3:  I miscarried at 9 weeks, and although my running had nothing to do with it, I was in really great shape when I got pregnant, and tried to maintain that level.  I also drank a lot of coffee during this time, and I think that was more of a factor than running.

Baby #3:  I ran an 18:29 right before I confirmed this pregnancy.  I tried to stay at about 40miles a week, or at least that effort, combining pool running and lap swimming.  I was more careful than with Baby #2, because of the loss before.  I ran races for fun, but didn’t push it.  I ran up until about 37 weeks..then I ran the day before I had my daughter, just 5k, but something!